“He’s the most interesting man in the world!” What does your brand say about you?

Separate your brand out from the crowd!

I absolutely love commercials that are so clever they stand out from the crowd, so these spots from Dos XX rate pretty high on my list. As I read a question posted on BrightFuse this morning regarding the effectiveness of “visual CVs” it got me thinking about “The most interesting man in the world.”

His mom has a tattoo that says “son.”

Now, of course you don’t need “The most interesting brand in the world,” but you do need to stand out in a crowd! Are you interesting and different? The rest of the beer brands seem to be shouting about how they are refreshing and light or how their container changes color when it’s cold but, still, they are not the most interesting beers in the world!

So, whether you’re a business owner or job seeker reread your resume & marketing materials with the goal of injecting them with personal success stories no one else can own. If, by chance, you too have a personality so magnetic you are unable to carry credit cards …embrace it!

The Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes

Police often question him, just because they find him interesting.

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s body.

His blood smells like cologne.

He has amassed an amazingly large DVD collection, and has never once alphabetized it.

If he were to mail a letter without postage, it would still get there.

The pheromones he secretes effect people miles away… in a slight, but measurable way.

He once punched a magician. That’s right, you heard me.

His hands feel like rich, brown suede.

He lived in the hills of the Serengeti for a summer after being gifted a wife by a local tribes men.

He owns 4 sports cars, and rents 5.

He taught a horse to read his email for him.

He almost broke the land speed record in 1977, popular opinion among his team was that is beard caused to much wind resistance. He would have shaved it… No, no he wouldn’t have.

He was the featured man at a bachelorette auction he brought in over 13 million euro, under the table.

His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards.

Even his enemy’s list him as there emergency contact.

He never says anything taste like chicken… Not even chicken.

He speaks fluent French, in Russian.

His charm is so contagious, vaccines were created for it.

Years ago, he created a city out of blocks. Today over 600,000 people live and work there.

He is the only person to ever ace a Rorschach Test.

Every time he goes for a swim, dolphins appear.

Alien abductors have asked him to probe them.

If he we’re to give you directions… You would never get lost. And you’d arrive at least 5 minutes early.

His legend precedes him, the way lightning precedes thunder.

His reputation is expanding, faster then the universe.

He once had an awkward moment  just to see how it feels.

He lives vicariously through himself.

He’s been known to cure narcolepsy just by walking into a room.

He’s a lover… Not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter, so don’t get any ideas.

His organ donation card, also lists his beard.

When it is raining, it is because he is sad.

Even his parents’ advice is insightful.

If there were an interesting gland, his would be larger than most men’s entire lower intestines.

His shirts never wrinkle.

He is left-handed. And right-handed.

He once knew a call was a wrong number, even though the person on the other end wouldn’t admit it.

You can see his charisma from space.

When he orders a salad, he gets the dressing right there on top of the salad, where it belongs…where there is no turning back.

If a monument was built in his honor, Mt. Rushmore would close, due to poor attendance.

On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him.

He doesn’t believe in using oven mitts, nor potholders.

His cereal never gets soggy. It sits there, staying crispy, just for him.

His pillow talk is years ahead of it’s time.

Respected archaeologists fight over his discarded apple cores.

It is said the sun comes up later on the 6th of May, in case his Cinco parties run long.

The Mayans prophecized his birth.

Even lucha libres remove their masks in his presence.

He once taught a German Shepherd to bark in Spanish.

He serves sizzling fajita platters barehanded.

Bulls flat-out refuse to fight him.

He once buried a time capsule full of things that haven’t happened yet.

He has been pronounced dead 7 times…make that 8.

His bear hugs are actually hugs he gives to bears.

He can’t be bought, but his beard clippings have been know to show up on auction.

He has never lost a sock.

If he disagrees with you, it is because you are wrong.

Most songs about love are written for him, about him, or by him.

He’d never initiate a conversation about the weather, even in a typhoon.

He’s against cruelty to animals, but isn’t afraid to issue a stern warning.

Whatever side of the tracks he’s currently on is the right side. If he crossed them, he would still be the right side.

He won the same lifetime achievement award twice.

Signs that say “This is not an exit” do not apply to him.

If he rides with you in your car, its resale value will instantly increase.

If he passed you on the street you would still feel stopped and said hello and asked you about your day.

He likes the word “fog”.

If you were trapped with him in an elevator, you wouldn’t want to be saved.

His business card just says, “I’ll call you.”

The Aztec calendar has his birthday chiseled in.

The front of his house looks like it was built by the Mayans…because it was.

His tacos refuse to fall from the shell.

If you were to see him walking Chihuahua, it would still look masculine.

Dicing onions doesn’t make him cry…it only makes him stronger.

He has never filled up on chips.

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