Creating Web Video That’ll Work for Your Business

It’s no secret anyone can create & upload web video to their site, Youtube or other sites easily, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Here are 3 key points to consider to help keep your videos fresh, interesting and effective followed by a great discussion by some of the pros on creating videos for business.

  1. Don’t ONLY create videos to increase your chances of being found. Have specific business objectives (a strategy) in addition to SEO such as:
    • Improve your customer service by posting how to videos.
    • Added value to current clients with “tips” videos.
    • Go viral – worth mentioning because, while getting millions of views on Youtube is possible, it’s really a practical goal.
  2. Stay on brand. “Premiere” products will want to pay special attention to quality and serious brand will have to avoid silly or tacky subjects.
  3. How many can you make? Creating videos takes time! Try to create a system where you shoot a couple at once so you can post them over time or get into the habit of shooting quick videos throughout your week. This will help you keep your content fresh and new!

Check out this podcast! Starting at 45min 15seconds begins a great discussion of how different businesses can use video. Thi is also a great  example of the discussion every business owner should be having before they start producing videos for their business!

this WEEK in MEDIA 133 : Tales from Twitter
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 1:46 AM
What if your Iphone drove your car, what to do if people hate you online, and when all else fails put pets in your video!

TWIM (This Week In Media) is a podcast that focuses on the present and future of web video from tv shows, to movies and even how businesses are using web video for self promotion.

Already posting videos for your business? Share them in the comments! Maybe they’ll make it into our next Cheap & Easy Web Video You Can Do Too!

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Just “HOW TO” Examples You Can Do Too! (More Than Video)

Every website can benefit from a “How to” demonstration whether its created with video, photographs, an article, a power point presentation or an animation, simple or elaborate. Even the most basic demonstration can make a big difference.

Where should you start? What “how to” should you do?

Ultimately these questions should be answered by your customers, so ask them! Start with a list of your services and related topics your customers may be interested in and be sure to included other random ideas – anything goes! The idea here is to educate, entertain or somehow engage visitors with useful content. You don’t need to go all out with an elaborate video, a couple of photos accompanied by short explanations can work extremely well just ask Ikea!

Keep it "Ikea Simple" click to enlarge
Keep it "Ikea Simple" click to enlarge

Here’s an example using a simple list and photo layout and they’ve even included a video at the bottom of the page. “How to Make Cous Cous”

Simple descriptions & photos work well!
Simple descriptions & photos work! click to visit site

If you want to create a video, for your first one, narrow it down to only topics you’re extremely knowledgeable of that can be performed in a quiet, well lit area. Here’s a link to a great example of a video shot very close up, in one take. “How to Tie a Tie”

*Please note, these videos and photos are well lit and shot very close to subject of the video. Instructions should be clear and to the point. Keep in mind that with web video your audience is watching a pretty small screen, they’ll want to see what you’re showing them!

I’m not suggesting you do anything that will cause you to lose business or give away your family secrets, but the chances are that even if you did give away your award winning recipe noone could replicate it anyway! That being said, try to showcase your expertise and give useful information.

As a final suggestion, look for opportunities to link to existing demonstrations. For example: to enhance as a small business resource we use “Delicious” to bookmark useful “New Marketing” articles. You can learn about using delicious from this very creative video:

Here are some other sites you can peruse for “how to” examples:


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Web Video: More Creative than a Commercial

So, why video? Because it’s easier than you think. Although ultimately the questions “why” and “what” need to be answered by your customers and potential customers. Unfortunately most video found on a small business website seems to be a commercial and, while I’m not against putting commercials on your website, I am suggesting we can be far more creative than that. On the more familiar side, realtors see value in creating tours of homes and a restaurant may show off their unique dining experience with photos and video.

Here’s an example that’s reaching out a little farther:

I’m looking for martial arts lessons and you are a martial arts teacher. As a consumer I have a number of resources for research at my finger tips and while your commercial may have given me a good first impression, I’m surfing the net to compare all the martial arts lessons available in my area. Does your business stand out? For the sake of comparison, let’s say I can get access to basic info on you and your competitors (including facilities, class schedules, style, etc.) from your websites and by making phone calls. Do you stand out? You see, I’m sitting in front of a computer you have my full undivided attention if you choose to use it. At this point, if you tell me your story, show me your facilities, or take me through your philosophies you may have found a way to stand out. It’s at this point that you have begun making a real connection with me. This connection could quickly move a potential customer to a quality customer and even make them a “fan” whose enthusiasm will now help you market your business.

Aside from improving your customer “pitch” the right videos can do remarkable things. A clever video could be quickly shared thousands of times putting your product in right in front of large numbers of potential customers. A heartfelt video could show that you’re more than “just a service” or “just another ________.” The possibilities are endless. Now, certainly there are many ways to make these types of connections with your customers, but some stories are best told with video.


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