5 Simple Tips That’ll Get Your Web Videos More Views

Creating web videos? A lot of folks seem to think “if you build it, they will come” but that’s far from true – in fact, making the thing is just the beginning. Now you need to promote it (or them) and here are 5 tips to get you started…

  1. Post your videos to your blog and (this is the important part) include a bullet pointed outline in text for folks watching your videos – this will help your search rankings on Google and give folks who can’t watch your video reasons to save your video for later!
  2. No blog? Email your vendors, for example, and ask them to use your video as a “guest post” on their blog or share it in their company email!
  3. Create a slideshow version of your video – include a link to the video in the slideshow.
  4. Submit your videos to YouTube, Vimeo and other social and bookmarking sites – using relevant keywords in your title, description and tags is extremely important!
  5. Come up with a marketing plan for your video – You may not feel like you have time for brainstorming and planning, but mapping out even a loose video strategy around each video will save you a lot of time & headache down the road. In fact, this is so important it’s the one area where I even recommend hiring a marketer to help if you really can’t make the time. Here are a few bonus tips for video planning:
  • Focus your efforts on 1 target audience.
  • Look for tie-in opportunities, such as holidays, product launches, local/national news or events, etc.
  • Embed your video in an email & send it out to your list – make sure you clearly ask for “likes,” ratings and shares!

Hope that helps!

Richard Bouchez
Social Media Specialist for EZWebPlayer.com

Originally posted on the EZWebPlayer blog

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This really is a remarkable resource as is Chris’ blog at www.chrisbrogan.com. If you found this, or any of our articles useful, Linkedin recommendations are greatly appreciated! To view my Linkedin profile visit: www.Linkedin.com/in/richardbouchez For help marketing your business or to learn more about me click here.


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