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We specialize in putting Social Media to work for SMBs & Start-ups!

We build, manage, protect & promote brands.

Let us HELP:

  • Lead Generation & Customer Service via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
  • Social integration – we make it easy for you & your team to use social networks on a daily  basis.
  • Where should your business be? We’ll help you find the right tools to grow your business.
  • Got tweets or a Facebook page? Let us Launch, Optimize, Grow – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social sites
  • Don’t guess. We provide Digital metrics Reporting
  • Social Media Training, Best Practices & Benchmarking
  • What should you post? We do Content Development & strategy for you.
  • Adwords, Remarketing & Display Network campaign management
  • Brand reputation management


Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard brings over 15 years experience telling stories using audio, video & print.   Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

Stephen Hebel, Web Content Coordinator, Multimedia Producer, Audio / Video SpecialistSteve Hebel, Social Media Coordinator / Dgital Media producer, is a social media enthusiast, blogger & multimedia savvy sports nut. Check out his work at *** and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Ripson Communications – It’s no easy task to find the right words, the best tone. At Ripson Communications, we help deliver clear, concise, compelling messaging that is specifically tailored to your company. Whether it’s grooming a spokesperson as a thought leader, or handling a potential crisis, we craft engaging messages that connect with the media outlets your target audience values most.

Uncle Jake Media

Uncle Jake Media – 30 years of combined experience just waiting to explode onto the screen for you. Websites, Logos, Broadcast, Print. You name it. We’ll make it happen.


www.InovediaMarketing.com launched in 2008. We post helpful new media marketing & multimedia production tips for small business and we’re quickly closing in on 30k views!

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Member – Google Engage
Ambassador – Chicago Small Business Expo
Member – Linkedin Chicago
Member Inbound Marketing University

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InovediaMarketing.com named City of Chicago Small Business Expo Ambassador: Now you can get a link too!

InovediaMarketing.com is proud to be announced a 2010 ambassador for the City of Chicago Small Business Expo! It’s our second year in a row and, because we are passionate about helping small businesses improve their marketing efforts, we are happy to help announce that you too can become an Expo Ambassador! Just follow the instructions below from the City of Chicago Treasurers office.

Stephanie D. Neely

City of Chicago

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The Small Business Expo is less than 30 days away – become an Expo Ambassador Today!

The City Treasurer’s FREE 9th Annual Small Business Expo on Friday, July 16th at the UIC Forum offers an amazing day of FREE Expert Small Business Workshops, 130 exhibitors, and networking with over 1,500 attendees.Announcing an innovative program for Businesses, Chambers of Commerce, and Community Groups to connect and link into one of the most viewed small business website in Chicago. www.chicagocitytreasurer.com

Receive a FREE link on our Expo Ambassador Page until April of 2011 if you…ACT FAST (Within 2 days)
Add our Small Business Logo and a link to your home page by July 1st and send out at least one notice on the expo to your contact list.
(An excellent example would be our partnership with the Chicago Innovation Awards www.chicagoinnovationawards.com).
EMAIL the word AMBASSADOR to sbe@cityofchicago.org and we will send you our Small Business Expo logo.
ACT SLOWER (During the July 16th Expo)
If your company drives 10 or more people to the Expo, we will add your LINK after the Expo to our Ambassador Page. (Determined by our on-site researchers).The 2010 Top 10 Business Plan Finalists and their business summaries are posted at
Disclaimer: The City Treasurer’s Office reserves the right to reject any ineligible business as defined in the rules of the annual business plan competition.

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Social Profile Card > "We're @" on front &  Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin on back!

Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Back logo profilecard

ru following me? Twtr/FBblu Dble sided skinny profilecard
ru following me? Social Media Profile Business Cards by twitterfunny

add your Twitter name!

Amazing SOCIAL MEDIA Business Cards and Concepts! Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Mobile and more!

*NOTE: Designs featured in this post are NOT sold by Inovedia Marketing, www.SocialMediaBizCards.com or sister Social Media Novelty gear company TwitterFunny.com.

facebook design business cardI had so much fun putting together Create Amazing Mind Blowing Business Cards NOW! I couldn’t resist doing another! This time around I’m adding a Social Media Twist to business cards and even including ideas for promoting your mobile initiatives! So, if you don’t already promote your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. efforts on business cards separate from your standard traditional BLAH business cards, let’s get you moving!

Now there aren’t a ton of social media business cards out there so bare with me as I try to walk you through ideas for creating your own social media cards using business card designs and images I’ve dug up from the web.

Already got great business cards? Please add your ideas to the comments or email me pics your amazing business cards and I’ll post them here! Seriously, you’ll find mine at the bottom and I’ll add yours too!


social media redirects on business cardA couple quick things to note about social media cards in-particular. Simple to remember URLs, like the ones used on the card above, are extremely important! If you’ve gone to the trouble of registering the same name across all of your social networks, good for you! It’ll help keep your card clutter free or let you pack in as many social networks as possible! Like this >

ultimate social media networks business card
I am on Facebook business cardThere’s so much clutter in print, so I am a HUGE fan of white space!
Twitter and Blog business card
Business in front, Twitter in the back :-D
twitter follow me business card
Now THIS is a GREAT idea! Order "Post-it" notes with your Twitter link on them and stick them on your out going products and packages!
blog business card
Brilliant! Don't be afraid to be funny... but be very afraid if it's not funny:-D
Facebook knock off business cards
Ok, maybe it's not "amazing" but it is well done and practical!

IDEAS / CONCEPTS for creating your own cards >>>

clever twitter business card
Great design for social media! Especially if you blog!
virtual business card sample
Well, this is actually a virtual business card that would make an incredible real, multi-page, business card!
linkedin.com business card concept
Clearly this is a book and not a business card, but what a great idea for a vertical design! Do you offer information to your Linkedin connections? This would be a great way to showcase it!
web 2.O comment bubble business card idea
I don't think this is actually a business card, but it could be!
ms word notepad themed business card
Show off your best tweets or business info with a Twitter knock-off! This MS word knock-off is pretty clever!
clever google business card
Here's a clever Google search biz card, what about Twitter search or Facebook "friend me" cards?
great business card design for highlighting WIFI and mobile use
Offer FREE WIFI? Talk about PERFECT! I'd add copy asking free WIFI users to friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! This cut out would make any WIFI ad memorable!

unique business card design
Picture this: What if this card had a picture of a cell phone on it with your text/sms code? That extended design element would grab attention if it was the phone antennae! Twitter & Facebook info could go right there on the back!

amazing business card design
Your Social Networks would stand out on the top layer with your traditional info beneath!
cloud or wifi cloud shape business card
Cloud computing anyone? Wi-fi? This is too easy, and the list goes on!
google business card seo
If you have unique product, or you’re an SEO company with a huge set of… uh… “confidence” then this is the card for you!

coupon themed business cards
Offer deals on Twitter? Promote them, your mobile coupons or links to your web discount pages just like this!

Hope you enjoyed this post and run out to your printer (figure of speech) with some great ideas!

Good luck!


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Check out Social Media Profile Business Cards>>>

"We’re @" on front & Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin on back!” width=”325″ height=”325″ />

Twitter & FB on front, Your logo & links on back!” src=”http://rlv.zcache.com/social_profile_business_card_tf_2_0_back_logo-p24092181286819102985h8_325.jpg” alt=”Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Back logo profilecard” width=”325″ height=”325″ />

Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS! Google just told you to get on Facebook!


Google announced on its Twitter account that public status updates from Facebook are now showing up on Google searches via the company’s new real-time search feature, first announced in Dec. (Updates that aren’t tagged for public consumption will not show up.) The algorithm now pulls in real-time blog postings, tweets and MySpace updates.
~from Cynopsis.com

Remember, Google is heavily taking location into account! Combine that with this announcement and you’ve just dramatically elevated your online presence if you’re posting on Facebook AND you’ll increase your visibility exponentially if your Facebook friends share your stuff! *Just remember to tag your biz related updates as “Public.”

Good luck,


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Profile / Note Card! AnalogTwtr yelbkinfo by twitterfunny>>>>


Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Back logo by twitterfunny Add your logo & links on back>>>

Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Back logo profilecard

Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

FREE Chicago Biz Expo ANNOUNCED!

We are also pleased to announce the 2010 date for The City Treasurer’s Small Business Expo at the U.I.C Forum. Please mark Friday, July 16th from 8:30-3:30. Reservations for exhibitors (sold out in 2009) are now being taken. Discounts for early registration before 11/1/09. www.chicagocitytreasurer.com

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*Information from:

Office of the City Treasurer

Stephanie Neely Treasurer Contact: Public Affairs

July 02, 2008 (312) 744-8122

**InovediaMarketing.com is proud to be an ambassador for the 2009 City of Chicago Small Business Expo. Follow @inovedia on Twitter for updates and information!

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UPDATE 10/02/09

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*If you’re one of our first 200 followers on Twitter you will be automatically entered to win 500 business cards! 2 chosen at random will win!

business card giveaway courtesy of this sponsor
business card giveaway courtesy of this sponsor

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