3 Tips Keep Your Website and Facebook Fan Page from Getting Hijacked!

Warning for Website OwnersIt goes without saying we all hire & partner with folks we trust. To take that a step further, often we even rely on friends & family for key services and, I know it’s tough to admit, but occasionally even the most trusted relationships get… well, complicated. So, since I do not want you locked out of your website and because I desperately want to avoid saying “I told you so” please do us both a huge favor and take these very simple precautions! Now I’m not professing to break any new ground here, BUT last week I did have to say “I told you so” twice.

  • Set up your domain name & web hosting account yourself! No matter how good, cheap or trustworthy your web “guy” is, please make sure you have complete access to your hosting account and also your domain name registration. You may not know any of that means, or what ftp is, or why you need it but, it’s a key to getting to your website’s infrastructure. Without account control you could be stuck with an out of date or otherwise problematic website should your web person take an extended vacation from eachother. If you have your domain name & web hosting account information! You’ll have complete control!

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  • More than 1 admin on your Facebook page! If there’s only one and somehow that account gets banned, hacked or has password problems you’re up a creek!
  • Avoid flash websites: Flash sites are difficult to get properly indexed in search, they cannot be seen by iPone & iPad users and if you ever need a different designer to work on your website, you are limited to those who are Flash savvy. Plus, when you do find that new web person it will take them even longer to get up to speed and working on your new site just because flash is THAT complicated!

Got more tips & advice for owners of business websites? Even better, got horror stories? Please share in the comments!

Good luck!


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Good luck!


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Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

WTF is Twitter?

…and why would (I) my business use it?WTF is Twitter? dark men classic t shirt

The same reasons that make Twitter so popular are those that make describing twitter problematic.

While that might not makes sense at first glance, once you realize that  Twitter has no real product direction or single “primary use” you may begin to realize just how difficult it is to describe (and figure out) Twitter’s relevance as a businesses tool.

Here’s a parallel challenge:

  • Come up with one blanket statement that clearly describes what our existing land line phone systom does.

Why is that a challenge? Well, in your description you will have had to include all uses of consumer land line phones such as fax transmission, internet connections, VOIP phone line connections, 911 ermergency services, automated home alarm warning services, etc. So, that being said, please consider the technology of Twitter just as complex.

That’s all great, but WTF is Twitter?

The direct answer: Twitter is whatever you can make of it.

That’s probably disappointing, but its absolutely the reason people say things like “I’m still figuring Twitter out” or “trying to get used to Twitter” or “I don’t get it.” The unfortunate fact is, once you create your account you are stuck trying figure out what to do with little to no direction and that takes time most people don’t have. Fortunately there are a lot of folks, like myself, willing to spend way too much time writing stuff like this and trying to help out:-)

10 things you can do with Twitter (for free):

  1. Connect with fans using Twitter by offering relevant information.
  2. Provide updates on your product for active Twitter users (millions & growing).
  3. Improve your website by posting updated information to your site via Twitter (RSS) fed widget.
  4. Offer scheduled information to anyone interested. May included daily, weekly or random information to customers which could include specials, coupons,
  5. Follow experts in many industries for fresh information as it happens.
  6. Post last minute deals, specials, emergency information, etc. to customers or other interested parties (because users choose to follow you we can assume they are “interested”).
  7. Update any RSS capable reader or product connected to the internet.
  8. Get found in real-time keyword searches. *Google, Bing and other search engines are adding Twitter search results to their own first page results and further integration is ongoing.
  9. Have your “tweet” reposted in the streams of organizations followed by tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of passionate people.
  10. Publicly comment on anything.

So why use Twitter?Social Profile Business Card tfl 2.0 vertblank bak profilecard

First and foremost, because the simple act of posting information on Twitter significantly increases the chances of being found in search engines and because using Twitter as one of your marketing channels makes for a great introduction to using Twitter.

What did I miss? Got more ways to use Twitter? Do you disagree? Please add your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

If you like this explanation, please link to it in your blog posts > Twitter

Good luck,


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Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

How can we help you?

Inovedia Marketing provides the following services, how can we help you?

Social Media Marketing

  • We provide training, monitoring, blogging & copy writing services which means we can just get you started or manage and build your social networking efforts!

Multimedia Production

  • Let us create your web videos! We have Emmy award winning talent and the know how to create high quality videos & podcasts on a budget. For bigger projects, our access and established relationships with full service facilities means the sky is the limit!

Web Design & New Media Development

  • Put the web to work for you! From tweaks to complete redesigns, we’ll transform your website into an engaging resource your ideal customers will frequent! Ask how we can deliver highly target-able audiences to your door through new media product development! We can extend your brand, drive traffic and multiply your reach!

General Creative Services

  • Copy-writing, design services, online and traditional marketing campaign development, contest creation & management. Ad creation including banner ads, print, radio, television, newspaper and direct mail.

Email: InovediaMarketing at gmail dot com

Twitter: @inovedia


Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

Amazing Cheat Sheets for Anyone with a Biz Website

Your Website Tips & Tricks: Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned web guru you’ll find these cheat sheets extremely useful. Anyone with a business website should pay particular attention to Website Usability Checklist and the SEO Cheat Sheet.

30 Handy Cheat Sheets and Reference Guides for Web Professionals.

Now, truth be told told, I found this tidbit on Twistimage.com’s blog by Mitch Joel and if you’re a fan of well designed sites like I am you should definitely check it out. What about great information? Yep, it’s got that too!  Six Pixels of Separation – The Blog

Got more reference guides, cheat sheets or blogs that are key to your web marketing arsenal? Please share in the comments!

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Good luck!


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Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

Just “HOW TO” Examples You Can Do Too! (More Than Video)

Every website can benefit from a “How to” demonstration whether its created with video, photographs, an article, a power point presentation or an animation, simple or elaborate. Even the most basic demonstration can make a big difference.

Where should you start? What “how to” should you do?

Ultimately these questions should be answered by your customers, so ask them! Start with a list of your services and related topics your customers may be interested in and be sure to included other random ideas – anything goes! The idea here is to educate, entertain or somehow engage visitors with useful content. You don’t need to go all out with an elaborate video, a couple of photos accompanied by short explanations can work extremely well just ask Ikea!

Keep it "Ikea Simple" click to enlarge
Keep it "Ikea Simple" click to enlarge

Here’s an example using a simple list and photo layout and they’ve even included a video at the bottom of the page. “How to Make Cous Cous”

Simple descriptions & photos work well!
Simple descriptions & photos work! click to visit site

If you want to create a video, for your first one, narrow it down to only topics you’re extremely knowledgeable of that can be performed in a quiet, well lit area. Here’s a link to a great example of a video shot very close up, in one take. “How to Tie a Tie”

*Please note, these videos and photos are well lit and shot very close to subject of the video. Instructions should be clear and to the point. Keep in mind that with web video your audience is watching a pretty small screen, they’ll want to see what you’re showing them!

I’m not suggesting you do anything that will cause you to lose business or give away your family secrets, but the chances are that even if you did give away your award winning recipe noone could replicate it anyway! That being said, try to showcase your expertise and give useful information.

As a final suggestion, look for opportunities to link to existing demonstrations. For example: to enhance InovediaMarketing.com as a small business resource we use “Delicious” to bookmark useful “New Marketing” articles. You can learn about using delicious from this very creative video:

Here are some other sites you can peruse for “how to” examples:


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Show 'em your BIZ is on TWITTER!
Show 'em your BIZ is on TWITTER!

Add us to your RSS reader (click here for our feed). Or click here for a tutorial on using RSS.

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Cheap & Easy Web Video You Can Do Too!

Creating videos for your website does not have to be a big expensive production in order to make a big impact on your visitors. From “How to” to “Viral Videos” here are examples that can be created “on the cheap” with little gear, no professional help and still manage to effectively get the point across.

HOW TO (Demonstration):

  • This video is a great example of what to do and what not to do! While the quality of this video is underwhelming, to say the least, the content is solid. The big take away for you: make sure there’s enough light! Before you watch this, keep in mind that this video has been seen almost 400,000 times in about 2 years. That’s right, four hundred thousand times. Just imagine if you were a piano reseller or teacher and your name was prominent throughout!
  • Have you ever watched someone make a paper airplane? You don’t get much more basic than this! What’s great about this video is that you can clearly see everything that’s happening and, anyone who wanted to, could easily follow along using the pause/play buttons to create create their own paper airplane. Is there something you do that can be showcased like this? This video has been seen over 1.5 million times!

A Unique Glimpse at What You Do:

  • Here is a fun way you may be able to highlight services you provide on your website, it may take some minor editing but the results are well worth it!


  • This video is from Girl Arsonist, an “independent novelist,” who is trying to connect with her fans, build her audience and sell some books.


  • These are videos intended to create buzz and drive views to your site. They are often very subtle and sometimes don’t even mention the products / services / company that created them, which I generally do not recommend. Here is a viral video example I created, using basic editing software, as an Olympic tie-in.

  • This is pretty amazing and kind of mesmerizing.
  • The final video is an amazingly successful viral video project by Blendtec. It is clever, hugely popular and “on brand.” The Will it Blend video is obviously of high quality and production but could certainly be done “on the cheap.”

For an extensive list of sites where you can find many different examples I highly recommend visiting this very thorough post: 37 Essential Viral Video Tips, Posts and Sites

For tips and advice on purchasing & using consumer video equipment I highly recommend Scott Bourne’s http://www.ConsumerVideoTips.com. Scott provides straight forward advice on a wide range of products.

Good luck!


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Make Your Small Biz Homepage Engage!

In the spirit of ending on an up-note, here are 3 “Don’ts” and 3 “Dos” that will immediately improve your homepage ten-fold, making it more effective in selling your services and bringing people back!

  • DON’T: Tell me all about your company on your homepage. This is the number 1 mistake I see on small business websites. No offense, but first impressions dictate your product must be showcased above all. Tell me “all about you” on a page called “about” so I can learn about your products and then choose to learn about you or at least move your “about me” paragraph to the very bottom or you homepage after your menu / list of services. (DO: Strategically placed “bits” of information that enhance your homepage but only if they add specific value to your product.)
  • DON’T: make visitors search for answers, try to give them what they’re looking for within 1 click. One way to gauge how easy it is to navigate your website is to walk someone who’s never seen it through it. If you have even the slightest bit of trouble taking them through typical scenarios your website may be too complex and you’re probably losing visitor’s interest fast!
  • DON’T: make your visitors work or wait! This is especially important when your visitors are on cell phones. Some of my pet peeves are: Long drawn out video introductions, pre-roll on video (please use post roll), large images that must load, clutter.
  • DO: Be sure “What you do” is clear and prominent! By simply glancing at your homepage I should know exactly what your business does, what differentiates you from others and how much it’s going to cost. Avoid blanket statements that mean nothing: “The Biggest Selection” …selection of what? If your slogan doesn’t reflect exactly what you do / have / provide / etc., it needs to take a back seat on your homepage to one that does. Play dumb if you have to and make it that obvious!
  • DO: Put your menu or list of services on your front page! The word “menu” or equivalent should be above the fold for quick identification and as a courtesy to mobile users who will have to wait even longer if they have to click to get there – key for restaurants, entertainment venues and other services!
  • DO: Post something weekly. New information gives a website energy and purpose. It shows you have something going on and you care enough to keep everyone in the loop. If you hit the right information you will start to get customers checking in with your website to see what’s going on. This could be a very good thing for your business! You don’t need to post some huge amount of information or make a novel out of it, it could even be one or two lines if it’s relevant. Consider something useful like specials, events, a new recipe, discounts for the week, shipments you’re expecting, schedule changes, when you won’t be available, when you will be available, etc.

If you found this, or any of our articles useful, Linkedin recommendations are greatly appreciated! To view my Linkedin profile visit: www.Linkedin.com/in/richardbouchez For help marketing your business or to learn more about me click here.


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