Client News: EZWEBPLAYER Launches Unlimited Video Player at CES

Press Release

For Immediate Release

CES goers can see launch of new online video platform solution offering unlimited video uploads, bandwidth and storage; usage backed by Amazon CloudFront with no branding or advertising.

Chicago, IL, January 5, 2012 — EZWebPlayer today announces the release of the new unlimited video hosting solution for consumers which brings unlimited video storage, uploading, and bandwidth without branding and advertising. This service provides tremendous value to consumers that have only had access to free branded solutions in the past. The 2 year old company harnesses the immense scale and robust infrastructure provided by Amazon CloudFront to deliver premium services at a low monthly cost.

With the inclusion of a video camera in so many new devices from iPads to helmet cams, most consumers are walking around with a video camera in one form or another these days. It’s not difficult to upload your video online, but the real question comes down to Branding, Advertising and Privacy.

CEO Clint Pollock says, “Before EZWebPlayer, consumers only had access to branded, free solutions that painted advertising all over their content. Now, everyone has access to a fully featured, unbranded solution, with NO ADVERTISING for one low, flat fee; lower priced than a cheap lunch for two.”

The new EZWebPlayer functionality includes video channels, social sharing, e.g., publishing to Facebook and other social destinations, and enhanced mobile support for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

As more consumers look for ways to manage, store and deliver video, for the first time, consumers can enjoy Enterprise Level functionality without tripping over branding and advertising.

EZWebPlayer will be at the iHollywood LaunchFest at CES
Clarion Hotel — Las Vegas, Two blocks from LVCC

About EZWEBPLAYER: is an Online Video Platform offering unlimited transcoding, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth backed by Amazon CloudFront. Headquartered in Chicago, EZWebPlayer provides a robust yet affordable and easy-to-use website video player for video content owners.

Contact Info:
Press Contact: Clint Pollock



*Please note InovediaMarketing proudly provides social media and additional new media marketing services for EZWebPlayer.

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Richard A. Bouchez | Social Media Specialist | New Media Production Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.



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Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard brings over 15 years experience telling stories using audio, video & print.   Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

Stephen Hebel, Web Content Coordinator, Multimedia Producer, Audio / Video SpecialistSteve Hebel, Social Media Coordinator / Dgital Media producer, is a social media enthusiast, blogger & multimedia savvy sports nut. Check out his work at *** and connect with him on LinkedIn.


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Richard Bouchez is a certified Inbound Marketing professional specializing in Social Media Marketing & New Media content development. Richard’s web, audio & video work has been honored with Emmy, Promax & CBA awards.

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This website is dedicated to my parents, in-laws and other small business owners who rely on talent, drive and ambition to make ends meet in an ever changing economy where big business has the upper hand and they are challenged at every turn.

“My intent is to get you thinking about more creatively engaging your customers and perhaps remove some of the new media marketing mystique. My goal is to get you beyond advertising using conversational marketing.” -Richard Bouchez

Due to its popularity this small business resource is evolving from a series of articles originally (and still) posted on called “Your Business Beyond Email: Basic Multimedia Marketing.” The series includes chapters on Multimedia Marketing for Small Businesses, with chapters to be broken out into individual articles for such as “”How to” and Demonstrational Video Tips & Tricks, Using Customers as Spokespeople, Choosing a Videographer, Connecting With Customers: Marketing Tips and 6 Random Rules for Owning a Website. These and new articles will be hosted on resulting in a new, more comprehensive, NEW MARKETING resource for small businesses.

WHY NOW? In a time when the economy is tanking, friends and colleagues who build websites are busier than ever. Makes sense, I guess, as the web offers small businesses (all businesses really) cost effective ways to grow. Unfortunately, what many small business owners don’t see are the endless possibilities beyond the website and how they can use the web to start very profitable conversations. These conversations can build customer loyalty, deliver monetize-able research, entertain or otherwise gain attention (or trust) and even provide alternative revenue streams.

Until recently multimedia campaigns cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was a tool touted by advertising agencies because it took a team to manage and R&D (research and development) was a luxury only big business could afford. Times have changed. Now with a good plan, a little flexibility and some well thought out strategies the web can work for you just as effectively as the previously mentioned tools work for big business.

Now, before we go any further here are a couple quick points I’d like to make for the cynical.

  • Don’t think of this as “a computer thing” it isn’t… it’s a marketing thing.
  • Executing these marketing tips and tactics won’t be free, while these services may not cost you money they will cost you time. Consider yourself warned, online services that cost you money can add up real quick! I’ll help you keep it cost effective.
  • This is not a get famous overnight scheme, it’s a series of potential opportunities that could grow your brand, bring you new customers and bring you new ways to profit. That being said, you could get famous overnight… a few do hit the jackpot and they hit it big.
  • This is absolutely the time to get online, not too early or too late and it’s more important than ever for those that don’t have obvious e-commerce business. The first product in a market is often the big winner; this can also be true for new media adopters. The second in a market takes market share away from the first and the 3rd just needs to be there to prove they’re in the game!
  • This is worth your time.

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