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How to Start a Facebook Page Step by Step | Social Media Help Links | Social Startup Guide

  • All the steps to getting started on Facebook & Twitter including answers to the most commonly asked questions – in one help-link-packed downloadable presentation. It’s even downloadable & editable for Pros free.

How to Pitch Social Media: A New Client Presentation Outline for Digital Marketers

  • If you’re in marketing and you’re pitching social to new clients or up the ladder internally, this outline will help you “sell” social.

5 Simple Tips That’ll Get Your Web Videos More Views

  • A lot of folks seem to think “if you build it, they will come” but that’s far from true – in fact, making the thing is just the beginning. Now you need to promote it (or them) and here are 5 tips to get you started…

16:9 is Dead! The Future of Video is Vertical Mobile for Home & Business

  • Mobile has already killed video as we know it! What’s next and how you can get out of today’s irrelevant video box and into something that actually works for you and your business.

Inject Your Video Blog Posts with Share-ability, Bookmark-ocity & SEO-itude!

  • 5 ways to get the Google juice your video content deserves and make your Videos or Video Blog Posts even better!

10 reasons YouTube isn’t Good Enough for Realtors, Photographers …You!

  • YouTube is great for marketing, but your branded video needs to stop slumming and step it up a notch!

“He’s the most interesting man in the world!” What does your brand say about you?

  • Let’s talk branding! Do you dare to be different or are you just another “meh” in a sea of snooze?

How to: Make Facts and Figures Fascinating and Friendly! Web, Broadcast, Print, Powerpoint

  • Amazing ways to show off stats & research! Plus a ton of information on Twitter, Facebook and cell phone use in compelling pictures and videos!

5 Traffic Driving Twitter Tactics for Mother’s Day (or any holiday)

  • 5 examples pulled straight from Twitter that’ll inspire you, or your clients, to create a social media calendar for your business!

Amazing SOCIAL MEDIA Business Cards and Concepts! Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Mobile and more!

  • Check out 20 amazing social media business cards and ideas! Conversation starters that’ll do more than just promote your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Mobile Coupons and other social networks!

WTF is Twitter?

  • Twitter explained! Why it’s so popular, why it’s such a pain and why you should be using for your business. Plus 10 real ways to put Twitter to work for you!

17 Kick @ Social Media Business Cards That’ll Show off Your TWEETS!

  • If your business is using Twitter and / or Facebook and you’re not handing out social media business cards you are missing a great opportunity to make a big impression! Here are 17 fun, cool, loud, obnoxious Social Media Profile cards to inspire you!

Creating Web Video That’ll Work for Your Business

  • 3 key factors to consider and a great discussion EVERY business owner should hear before pulling out the video camera!

3 Ways to Laser Focus Your Business for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

  • Your starter guide to launching your business into new media! Find out how to decide which social networking sites you should tackle, what to do once you’re there and the key to being successful!

Amazing Cheat Sheets for Anyone with a Biz Website

  • Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned web guru you’ll find these cheat sheets extremely useful.

10 EASY Ways to Inject Twitter and Facebook into Everyday Business!

  • Creative ways to get your Facebook & Twitter names in front of your customers and inject a shot of social networking into your storefront!

Create your own edge! Win the New Marketing game!

  • How can you stay ahead in the marketing game, create your own edge in business and actually make a difference? Build a community!

Big idea? Itching to execute? Now what?

  • Where to start with a golden marketing idea and 3 MUST avoid “DIY” marketing tips!

What would they write about you?

  • Just how “unique and different” is your business/product really? See creative ways some Mom and Pop shops are standing out from the crowd and find why you better reach out to friends and colleagues now!

Create Amazing Mind Blowing Business Cards NOW!

  • Why you NEED amazing business cards! Why you NEED to spend extra time and MORE MONEY creating them! Inspiration and amazing examples included!

Great Video Tips for Builders & You

  • Whether you’re a builder or not, here are some must read ideas on using youtube to boost business!

Create the “Where the Hell Did You Get That Idea” Ad

  • Need to get creative or inspire a client to get out of the box? Educate them with creative examples done “on the cheap,” advice on where to begin and how to avoid becoming memorable for the wrong reasons! Applies to print, web, video, email or whatever!

Just “HOW TO” Examples You Can Do Too! (More Than Video)

  • Every website can benefit from a “How to” demonstration! So, where should you start? What “how to” should you do? Here cost effective examples from simple lists to creating videos.

Cheap & Easy Web Video You Can Do Too!

  • From “How to” to “Viral Videos” you’ll find examples that can be shot “on the cheap” with little gear, no professional help and still manage to effectively get the point across.

Make Your Small Biz Homepage Engage!

  • In the spirit of ending on an up note, here are 3 “Don’ts” and 3 “Dos” that will immediately improve your homepage ten-fold.

Blogs to Facebook, Where Your Biz Should Be and How to Start

  • Ok, perhaps you have a website… what’s next? You’re certainly aware of blogging, Facebook and other social networking. Perhaps you’re even considering starting a blog, but what should you do with it?

7 Ways will Improve Your Small Business

  • With a community of 30 million, according their about page, is a social network for professionals that offers small business owners vast potential for increasing their bottom line whether they have national, regional or only local customers. Here are some straightforward and some “more clever” ways you can tap into that network to get real results for free.

Video Tips: “How to” and Demonstrational Videos

  • Whether you are going to pick up a camera yourself or put the camera in someone else’s hands, professional or amateur, here are some tips to help you keep your message front and center.

6 Random Rules for Owning a Website

  • Tips to protect your hosting account and make sure your site is searchable!

“New Marketing” Tips 1- 6

  • Tips 1 through 6 in my “New Marketing” tips list for small businesses online. From changing your cell phone to finding interns these tips will help you keep it simple for cheap.

“New Marketing” Tips 7 – 14

  • Tips 7 through 14 in my “New Marketing” tips list for small businesses. These cost effective tips will help drive people to your site!

Web Video: Choosing a Videographer

  • “How much does it cost to shoot a video for our own website?”
    Here are some guidelines, assuming this is a relatively low budget production involving one camera in a location which you have full access at no cost to you…

Web Video: Customers as Spokespeople

  • There’s nothing like having your praises sung! Using testimony known as MOS, or Man on the Street, many businesses integrate real people into their commercials, infomercials and presentations. When done correctly, results can be extremely useful and cost effective.
    Here’s how to do it and get great video.

Web Video: More Creative than a Commercial

  • So, why video? Because it’s easier than you think.
Thank you for visiting, please consider advertising with us!
Thank you for visiting, please consider advertising with us!

How to Start a Facebook Page Step by Step | Social Media Help Links | Social Startup Guide

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