Article Highlight: Use “Big Opportunity” statements to inspire your team

Over the years, the “big opportunity teams” I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of – those driven by vision, brand overhauls & complete business model makeovers – have been the hardest work, best experiences and the most fun. At the end of the day, we rallied around the passion for the goal, not the goal itself.

Briefly, here is the idea: a Big Opportunity articulates in language that is analytically accurate and emotionally compelling an opportunity that will move an organization forward in a substantial way. It is that exciting possibility which, if you can capitalize on it, will place you into a prosperous, winning future. It is related to vision and strategy in a very straightforward way: a strategy shows you what you need to get to a vision; a vision shows you what you will be doing if you get to, and are able to capitalize on, a big opportunity. ~Dr. John P. Kotter


A written statement of a Big Opportunity can be a very useful tool. It is short, like a vision statement, and unlike a strategy description which is often much longer.


Kudos to HBR Dr. John Kotter for a great article, follow the link or click the image above… Forget the Strategy PowerPoint


Hope that helps!



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