How to Pitch Social Media: A New Client Presentation Outline for Digital Marketers

Compelled to answer this question on LinkedIn, I thought it would probably be pretty helpful to other too, so if you’re in marketing and you’re pitching social to new clients or up the ladder internally, I hope this outline helps!


What Social Media points would you cover in “45” minutes delivery to an audience of Business men?


  1. Why Social Media (keep this short)
    • Demonstrate the dramatic growth of social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
    • Demonstrate the growing adoption of social media by companies large & small (Coke, Bank of America, etc.)
  2. Why NOT Social MediaFree Tools Slide from Hubspot's presentation
    • You may have heard that social marketing is cheap or free. I have bad news. While the accounts and many of the tools are cheap or free, marketing via social will cost you time and it may cost you money!
    • Introduce “Myths/Realities of social media” – organic growth is actually pretty hard in social (Facebook wants you to pay so likes don’t come easy, Twitter growth comes through engagement, Social accounts actually come with an obligation to pay attention to them, etc.)
  3. Finding Success in Social Media
    • Forget about “social media” … it’s not about being social, it’s about generating leads, managing customer relations, providing customer service, generating buzz or a slew of other strategies. It’s the strategy that’s important, not the social channel – “social” is a tool not a strategy.
    • Introduce Targeting Ideal Customers
    • Introduce Content Development
  4. Case Study
    • Provide a simple case study. Consider customer service or channel growth strategies because these tend to show direct correlations between actions and understandable metrics. Examples: Company A uses LinkedIn to reach out to prospects and sees an increase in leads and conversions. Company B solves customer service issues in their channels and customers post testimonial’s thanking them.
    • If you don’t have case studies of your own, you might find a partner who can bring this experience or look to Hubspot or other Inbound Marketing folks for published case studies, usually posted to their blog or in a White Paper.
  5. Questions (the most important part):
    • Give ample question time. Try to wrap it up in 30 minutes, if you only have 45 minutes or an hour. This way the audience is sure to get what they came for and, probably more importantly, it’ll allow you to demonstrate your expertise and give you the opportunity to offer individual follow up conversations.
    • Wrap up questions 5 minutes before your out time to give your closing statement!
  6. Final Thoughts
    • -You don’t need a Social Strategy, you need a digital strategy!
    • -Jump in, but listen before you start chatting up the channels. Walk, crawl, run.
    • -Get help! A Social Strategist can get help walk you through the process, saving saving you time and headache by identifying results driven opportunities for your business online, optimizing your social sites, training you on the tools that will integrate social use into your (or your staff’s) day and help you set measurable benchmark’s so you’ll know if you’re on the right track.
    • -Social can help you generate leads, connect you with customers & help you grow your business.

    Walk, Crawl, Run - Content Curation
    Photo credit

Let us know if you found this useful, I’d love to get your feedback, suggestions and tips on presenting social. Given a presentation you love or found one you want to share? Leave a link!

If you’re just sitting down to write one – good luck!



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