Win Cash & Free Booth at the Chicago Small Business Expo in just 30 seconds!

Will we see you at the top in Chicago business?

The 2010 Business Elevator Pitch Contest entry deadline is 3/18!

Can you write a: 30 pitch that clearly sells and explains your business?

Enter your :30 script:

More information:

Expert feedback – winner gets cash and a free booth at the City Treasurer’s Small Business Expo, Friday, July 16th at the UIC Forum.

Get on the doors are closing!

Full details posted on

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*Information from:

Office of the City Treasurer

Stephanie Neely Treasurer Contact: Public Affairs

July 02, 2008 (312) 744-8122

** is proud to be 2009 ambassador for the City of Chicago Small Business Expo. Follow @inovedia on Twitter for updates and information and daily Social Media Marketing tips for business!

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